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Stop Talking Yourself out of Following Your Dreams (w/Coach Jackie Prewitt)

No, it’s probably not laziness or making excuses. Usually, we believe we are making the best decision possible when we talk ourselves out of our dreams. To be fair, there absolutely are times when common sense needs to prevail; but often our reasoning needs to be reexamined. Sometimes it’s fear, doubt, overthinking or other self-limiting belief that squashes our big goal before we can even get started. Or, maybe we’re waiting to have it all “figured out” before we begin!

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In this episode Business and Mindset Coach, Jackie Prewitt talks about taking what she calls “messy action” and embracing imperfection along the way. Jackie shares her journey from being on the shy side and afraid to move forward to someone who is proactive and confident. The road wasn’t a smooth straight path for her and typically isn’t for anyone. She says so many of us give up along the way because we don’t pick ourselves back up from failure and remember that we have done and can do hard things. We can also grab onto God to help pull us through.

Whether you’re just in the “discovering your passion” stage, needing to find the motivation to begin or get some encouragement to keep going -- we think Jackie’s nonjudgmental, fun approach will have you dreaming big dreams again. It sure was a kick in the pants for us! (in a good way, of course!) Click play for some tips that will not only make you think, but want to act, too!






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