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Start Chasing Your Dreams, Not Your Competition

Imagine that you’re in a race, but instead of focusing forward on the hurdles in front of you or on the finish line, you’re looking at all the other racers to your right and left. It probably would not end well. However, when you think about it, that’s how we are sometimes in life. In this short episode, we take a look at the insights we gained from our last guest, Angela Scott in “Comparison Detox.” Through personal stories of both successes and failures, we share what we’ve learned about casting aside comparison and competition…and running our own race, even when it’s the most difficult.

This can be an uncomfortable topic that forces us to be honest with ourselves. We promise to try to be transparent and encourage you to do some soul-searching as well. Click play for some encouragement in finding your own God-given gifts instead of worrying about how others are “stacking up” against you. The only competition you really have is yourself.


Episode Transcript



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