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Imagine Yourself Financially Fit w/Author & Personal Finance Expert, Kembala Evans

Piggy bank working out. how to make your money grow

Let’s get fiscally fit! We’re flexing our financial muscles and securing a bright future for ourselves. We start by following the money and taking a good look at our personal finances with the President and Founder of KP Evans Financial, Kembala Evans, as she helps us gain insight on how to get, keep, and grow healthy money habits.

In the movie, Gemini Man, starring Will Smith, the main character meets his younger self face-to-face. What if we ran into our own older, future self? Would we be able to account for our financial situation? What would we say about the condition of our dollars and “sense”?

Dear Future Me,

How are you holding up? I know that you are looking at me to decide if I have done the best I could to make my life in the future as healthy and wealthy as possible. I want to assure you that I am on the right path and trying to make wise decisions.

Today, I listened to an Imagine Yourself Podcast that helped me focus on setting up a bright financial future for you! The guest, Kembala Evans, is a financial coach who is dedicated to helping everyday people improve their personal finances. This entire episode has me thinking about money in a whole new way.

I promise to be more intentional about becoming a good steward of “our” finances. I am willing to learn more about budgeting and saving and investing so that we can have a comfortable nest egg. I am willing to be honest with myself, use self-control when making purchases, and begin to tackle and conquer debt.

If I choose to ride on the big kid rides and invest money in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc., I promise that I will not just blindly hand the wheel over to someone else, no matter what type of financial expert they seem to be. I will make sure to keep my eyes wide open, learning all that I can about finances so that we can climb to new heights of financial success!

Love, Me

Financial expert Kembala Evans
Kembala Evans

Please join us in an enlightening episode about how to get the most out of your money. Kembala Evans, Founder & President of KP Evans Financial is our guest who guides us through to a bright financial forecast!

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money quote: being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever



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