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Imagine Yourself Embracing Change Like a Champ

woman celebrating

Are you more likely to say…..

Let’s Shake Things Up a Little!


Please. Don’t. Rock the Boat!

Maybe you are already working on accepting change as a natural and even beneficial gift that life offers OR maybe you feel stuck and afraid to embrace change in your life. Either way, we encourage you to think of change as an invitation to innovation and newness. This world forces us to evolve, and we want you to see the merit of that.

If you are reading this right now, then you are no longer the same person that you were on the day of your birth. You are bigger, taller, stronger, and smarter than the little baby version of yourself. I’m also willing to bet that you don’t have the exact same job that you started off with—do you? Probably don’t live in the same house? That little caterpillar you ran into last week has likely blossomed into a beautiful butterfly by now.

All of this is to prove that change is inevitable. It can be change that we cause ourselves or change that happens without our consent. It can be change that we welcome or change that we truly do not want at all. Regardless, we challenge you to wake up each day anticipating change in your personal, professional, and spiritual life and using that change to re-imagine yourself!!

We took on the challenge to make a change by starting our Imagine Yourself Podcast.

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quote about doing new things: old ways won't open new doors



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