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Imagine Yourself Doing What You Know You Should Do (Self-Discipline 101)

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All of us have something that we want to change about ourselves. Imagine Yourself is the perfect place to start. We’ve put together a few tips and tricks to get things going. Hopefully, you’ve watched at least one episode of the game show Who Wants to Be A Millionaire and have an idea of what it means to use a lifeline to help you when you need it most. Making positive life changes and making it to the million-dollar prize both require a few lifelines along the way to get the best results. We have some advice when it comes to making those upgrades to your life. Before you even get to the lifelines, go ahead and set an attainable goal with a realistic deadline that you can focus on. Write down your goal and post it in an easy to spot location so that you are reminded to stay on track.

First Lifeline - Ask the Audience:

You already have your goal in mind and in sight. Now, you need to “ask the audience” or even Google, Siri or Alexa for some tips and life hacks on how to succeed. For example, if you plan to lose weight, you need to research things like how many daily calories are required for a healthy male or female per day, how much sugar is really in each can of soda, and what really happens when we skip breakfast.

Second Lifeline – 50/50:

This time, you get to remove some of the wrong decisions. On the show, you are left with one right answer and one wrong answer. In life, you can go ahead and remove one bad habit and replace it with one good habit. It’s easier for the brain to replace an old habit with a new, go-to habit, rather than quitting entirely. Do you struggle with distractions caused by electronics and/or social media? What if you tried meditation or drawing or coloring books for adults as your way to unwind for a few minutes instead of reaching for your phone or tablet?

Third Lifeline – Phone a Friend:

What better way to get support than to call on a friend? Make sure to choose wisely. You want a knowledgeable friend who can offer guidance, hold you accountable, and help lift you up as you begin to make healthy changes. If you’re a shopaholic who wants to quit, you might not want your BFF to invite you out for afternoon fun at the mall.

Final Lifeline – Ask an Expert:

There are times when you need to seek the advice of a professional. Whether you need a dietitian, nutritionist, therapist, professional organizer, or life coach, we encourage you to ask for help and work with them to visualize and realize your ultimate success.

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We’re rooting for you as you use self-discipline to start new, life-changing routines. We’ll also root for you to win the million dollars if we ever see you on a popular game show! Click on this podcast to give you that extra boost to win at life!

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