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How to Get Your Spark Back w/ Psychotherapist & Podcaster Stephanie James

Ever feel like you're stuck in a rut and can't find your spark? In this episode, we sit down with psychotherapist and podcaster, Stephanie James, who sheds light on how to reignite your passion and purpose in everyday life. With actionable tips on self-care, gratitude, and even the power of what we consume mentally and physically, Stephanie breaks down how small “micro-deposits” can infuse power into your day.

Stephanie guides us through the transformative process of acknowledging all our emotions (both good and bad) but emphasizing that we are more than just our feelings. Whether you're looking to add more meaning to your day-to day with your family or work life… or want to connect more deeply with yourself, others and God, this episode is packed with useful tips and heartwarming stories. Join us and “Imagine Yourself”





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