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5 Easy Ways to Turn Your House Into Home Sweet Home (w/Home Décor Expert, Meah Pace)

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How are you feeling right now? Is your atmosphere adding to or detracting from your mood? Your surroundings can have a profound effect on your state of mind! Whether you feel like your home needs a little lift or a large overhaul, thinking about getting it done can be extremely overwhelming. Most folks would say they are short on money, time…or both! Then there’s the matter of where to even start! The good news is home décor expert and founder of The Lifted Home, Meah Pace says there are things we can do that are NOT time-consuming and NOT expensive (or even free). AND she’s here with some fresh inspiration.

Meah Pace created the Lifted Home

It all begins with our state of mind. Meah says we should think in terms of being our own guests. Why do we only pull out the nice dishes or the cute hand towels for company? It doesn’t mean we eat on grandma’s fine china on a regular basis, but our everyday plates and glasses can still be nice. Target, Amazon, the Dollar Store and other places are full of fun, inexpensive things that can even look and feel luxurious.

Check out Meah’s Instagram posts and stories for some specific ideas on things you can find without breaking your budget, and things you can use that you may already have around the house.

Now lets get down to it and talk about the five steps she's laid out for improving our space. She gives us a unique perspective that is so timely for the new reality where so much more time is spent at home. In fact, it was 2020 that inspired her! A musical artist who was sidelined from live shows, she poured her creativity into home décor and organization. This renowned singer and songwriter has taken the stage everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She "has always used her talents to promote hope, love and to uplift the human spirit. She has now combined her unique experiences as a creative and a world traveler to form an exciting new company called The Lifted Home...which focuses on using home décor and organization as a form of self care, luxury, and fun!"

Meah's ideas are potential gamechangers. You’ll want to listen to the podcast for more specifics, but here’s the idea.

Dream: Pinterest pins, ideas from HGTV, beautiful homes or spaces you’ve seen in person or online. Think about all of them! In this phase nothing is out of reach. You’ll be surprised at the ideas and inspiration you’ll get.

Clean: No getting around this one, but Meah has some great hacks for little things you can do on a regular basis to make things easier and to get help get everyone in the house involved.

Organize: Meah says the organizing and decluttering does NOT mean we throw everything away. Now, we may have to toss some things, but there is a way to keep the things you love and still be tidy.

Personalize: Personalizing your space with what is meaningful to you is so important. There are cool ways to make your space uniquely yours.

Enjoy: This goes back to being your own guest. Use the nice sheets, light the scented candle, use that beautiful coffee cup or wine glass.

Check out the podcast for lots of ideas on how to get this done, plus the story of what Meah says turned her from a disorganized mess to a clutter-free queen. The way her faith played a major part in this transition is both surprising and inspiring!

5 Easy Ways to Turn Your House Into Home Sweet Home (w/Home Décor Expert, Meah Pace) Imagine Yourself Podcast on Apple Podcasts

5 Easy Ways to Turn Your House Into Home Sweet Home (w/Home Décor Expert, Meah Pace) Imagine Yourself Podcast on Spotify




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quote about home. Home is not a place, it's a feeling.


Tips from The Lifted Home!


Extra info: the Framing Service Meah talked about was Keepsake Frames



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