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Manage Your Time So You Can Manage Your Life

It’s been said that good time management is a key that can unlock success and happiness. There have been countless books, systems, and apps dedicated to it. Yet it remains elusive for many. Handling your time well may even be the ticket to finally achieving your dreams. As many of us set out with new goals for a new year, we thought it was a great time to re-visit this topic. We’re zooming in on three different things. 1) Practical time management tips/methods, 2) Psychological reasons why we may self-sabotaging, and 3) A real-life look into the practices of very busy people who are making it work for them.

We all have unique personalities and different schedules. What works for one person might not be effective for another; so, we’re going to dive into a few different approaches to time management. We’ll also hear from successful professionals Mark S. Lee and Gail Perry-Mason on how they handle multiple business and personal demands and manage to keep good work/life balance and contentment.

So if you feel you’re constantly falling behind or just can’t get a grip on everything you have going on in your life, click play to take a few minutes to get some fresh ideas.





Gail Perry-Mason is a financial advisor and executive, speaker, author and philanthropist. She founded of Money Matters for Youth, which helps kids with financial awareness and literacy. Mark S. Lee is President & CEO, The LEE Group, a strategic marketing consulting firm. He's also an educator at three different universities and a dynamic radio host.


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