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Imagine Yourself Uncovering What Makes a Relationship Last

We are stirring up a secret sauce for love in honor of Valentine’s Day! The things that we’re adding to this recipe of romance won’t be the things you would ever expect.

Communication, passion, and money are three things that people like to focus on when they talk about building strong relationships. Yes, we do need to communicate our thoughts and feelings while also remembering to verbally express our love for our partner. Of course, we need some chemistry and passion to get and keep our relationships rolling. And, we’ve all heard that many marriages fail because of money issues.

However, these are not the things we discuss in this week’s episode. We wanted to dig deeper and explore some crucial areas that are often overlooked, and we hit the motherload of relationships.

We dedicate this episode to anyone who is looking for love or looking to hold on to their love. Listen in, and elevate your romance game!

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