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Imagine Yourself Organized: Decluttering Your Home, Decluttering Your Life

Organized shelves from a professional organizer. Before and after
A Touch of Nadia's Organizational Magic

What would it feel like to have everything in order? You might have to ditch the old and invite the new. Imagine getting rid of negative thoughts from your head, unhealthy habits from your life, and useless stuff from your home. That could pave the way to having your stuff in order, your home in order, your life in order! We’ve invited Nadia Audette, Professional Organizer and Owner of Essential Living to give us some advice on how amazing it feels to do like Elsa from the movie Frozen and just…Let It Go!

Here are a few of her tips:

ESTABLISH Your Goals. Do you find yourself daydreaming about having an organized household? Maybe you’ve seen a photo in a magazine or been to the home of a neighbor who seems to have it all together. Start by writing down your goals. Make a list of must-haves and wants and take time to visualize the end result!

EVALUATE what you have. Take a good look around and start thinking about how you can declutter. Remember, your home is not just a container for your stuff. It’s meant to be a place of joy, peace and order. Notice the areas that are spilling over with too much stuff and get ready to purge the excess.

ENTER. Sometimes this is the hardest part, but if you are willing to carve out time and get down to business, it leads to the most rewarding part. Going through things item by item is tedious work, but it’s important because everything needs to ultimately end up in the proper place.

EXIT STRATEGY. The best way to get to the finish line is to create 4 categories for the items that you come across during the organizing process:

1) Keep: items that are useful and that add value

2) Store: sentimental items and things that do not need regular access

3) Donate: anything in good condition that can be useful for another home

4) Trash: broken, torn, missing pieces, and expired items that need to go

Things might seem impossible at first, but these tips will turn clutter and disorder into a sleek, orderly, organized space.

For more tips, stories and ways decluttering can affect your happiness, take a listen!

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