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5 Tips from Mental Health Pros

Mental Health can be a weighty and serious issue, but that doesn’t me we can’t have more casual or even fun conversations about it. In this episode, we hear from some of the mental health professionals we’ve talked to on the podcast. Each one drops nuggets of information and practical advice on topics like experiencing anxiety, feeling depressed, being affected by negative self-talk, taking control of our thoughts and suffering from loneliness. Some of our chats are serious and some more light-hearted, but we hope they all communicate empathy and hope.

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A common thread in all of this is the tremendous power our thoughts play in our contentment and ability to cope. Of course, it's not a matter of just flipping a switch and turning the bad thoughts off, or snapping your fingers and automatically stop worrying or obsessing about things. These professionals have techniques they have used with their patients that just may help. We designed this episode so you could get a quick boost for yourself or equip you for understanding and helping a loved one. Although nothing replaces consulting a mental health professional on your own, we hope clicking play give you some guidance.




Here are the episodes we reference:

1) Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on “Saying No to Negative Self Talk”

3) Counselor Kelli Center on “Staying Centered in Times of Crisis”

4) Psychotherapist Blaine Lawson on “How to Cope in a World of Constant Change”

5) Counselor Matt Lawson on “Leaving Loneliness Behind

TalkSpace is the online counseling service where Matt and many other qualified therapists can help you from the comfort of your home.

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