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When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn

Finding someplace we’ve never been is a fairly low-stress thing these days using navigation systems. You just put in the address and off you go. It wasn’t always like that. Back in the day with MapQuest or even paper maps, the routes didn’t automatically just re-calculate and course-correct us if we took a wrong turn.

The road of our lives is also filled with wrong turns, or maybe a better way to phrase that would be unexpected turns. These detours might shake things up for just a season, but often they set us on a different path for a lifetime. In our last episode we featured two wonderful women we call the “Hope Ladies” who wrote a book called Destination Hope: A Travel Companion When Life Falls Apart.

In this week’s bonus episode, we bring you a part of our chat we didn’t include in the original. April White and Marilyn Nutter sum up their best advice for those going through life’s interruptions with hope and faith. We pray you’ll find it an inspiring and enlightening few minutes.







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