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Small Changes, Big Impact (Habits that Help You Reach Your Goals)

For many of us, there’s no shortage in changes we’d like to make. The little voice in our head never seems to shut up about the things we’d like to do better or more consistently. Sometimes we beat ourselves up about bad habits we’d like to break. It can be overwhelming. In this episode, we take a deep breath and a step back to focus instead on small changes and their potentially large impact.

In our last episode “Up Your Energy at Any Age”, Health and Lifestyle Consultant Craig Bruce told us about little shifts we could make in our habits and routines that could potentially have a huge effect. Two important keys for us were that they were small and simple. No matter how good a habit or behavior is for us, the chances of us sticking with it expand exponentially if it’s low on the difficulty scale. Nobody wants to push a boulder up a mountain, these changes are more in line with carrying a rock in your pocket.

After the advice from Craig, both of us used a few of his ideas and came up with some of our own to try. We were blown away not only by the difference they made, but because they made us feel as if we could make even bigger modifications. Success breeds success and getting a small win makes you more confident that you can crush a larger goal.

No one is saying make one tiny change and you’ll wake up tomorrow completely transformed (even though we secretly wish that were true!). We are saying that because it’s less intimidating to start small and you're more likely to be be able to pull it off, it has a better chance of making a difference in your life. We certainly found it to be true! These changes could be health, work or relationship related…actually, they can be anything you want to change or enhance. Examples might be an extra 10 minutes on your walk, a change in your morning routine, writing down something you’re grateful for every day, making time for prayer, changing something you eat or drink or even WHEN you eat or drink it (like having water BEFORE your coffee in the morning—more on that in the episode!).

We’ll fill you in on what worked for us, but more importantly help you figure out what is customizable to you. We are all wired differently and have different needs and demands in our lives. We hope you’ll click play to spend a small amount of time for a potentially big impact in your life!







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