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New Directions for Your Professional Life

Are you thinking about a new direction professionally? It doesn’t matter what age or stage or life you’re in, we think this episode may open your eyes to possibilities that you may not have considered. So much has changed lately and there are new and different options that may be on the table for you. We’re spotlighting four interviews with career coaches and experts in the professional space who want to talk about a new path forward, one that will address real priorities and honor the work/life balance.

Our pros help you take an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses and how your unique life experiences can help move you into a new career path or strengthen the path you're currently on. From finding the right direction, to taking the right steps to get there, to reaching out to the right people, we'll walk you through the process. You'll also learn ways to set goals and make habits that will serve you in attaining and keeping not only career aspirations, but any area in life you wish to grow.

The last couple years have brought both challenges and opportunities to our work life. 2020 and 2021 will be remembered for Zoom, working in our pajamas and the complications of accomplishing things in a house full of family members. It will be commemorated for the great resignation, changing priorities and a call for more work/life balance. It will be noted for the amazing creativity and innovation that came with the need to figure out a way to get things done. Maybe most importantly, it will be remembered for its heroes who never had the option to stay home or slow down as well as the ones who are no longer working and living beside us. As this is being written in early 2022, we still don't know the last chapter of the COVID-19 story, but we do know we are forever changed.

As one our guests, Isha Cogborn said, it may give us a wake-up call to "get on our assignments." If you're ready to find new meaning in your professional life or have a dream calling to you, click play to get started.



Isha Cogborn, Personal Brand Strategist and Professional Development expert, from “Now is the Time to Re-Imagine Yourself

Heather Wolfson, CEO and Lead Strategist at Maven Coaching and Consulting “Opening the Door to What’s Next in Your Life.”

LaShay Avery, Leadership and Wellness Consultant at Q Avery Consulting from “Starting a New Chapter: What You Should Know”

Tareka Wheeler, Career and Mindset Strategist of Professional DNA from “Change Your Life By Changing The Way You See Yourself




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