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Knocking Down Life's Obstacles (w/Guest, Lisa Jesswein)

A little girl who is an overcomer, super hero, smashing obstacles

Life is full of obstacles and adversity. These unwelcome events and circumstances can vary from being slightly annoying to absolutely devastating. Our guest, Lisa Jesswein has dealt with A LOT of adversity, most of which would fall into the latter category. It started early for her: from serious medical issues as a child to a near death experience as a teenager, to a health scare that threatened her career just as it was taking off as an adult. She not only triumphed her way over each one, but she’s remained positive and used what she’s been through to inspire others!

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Lisa is a motivational speaker, radio personality, actress and owner of Intuitive You. Her health issues began early with weekly hospital visits for blood draws starting at 7, dialysis starting at 12, two kidney transplants, two hip replacements, cancer, hepatitis C…and that’s just a partial list! You would never guess ANY of this if you met Lisa whose upbeat attitude is as inspiring as it is contagious.

In this episode you’ll hear not only about the physical challenges, but the emotional rollercoaster she’s been on and how each experience shaped who she is now. You’ll hear details of the near-death experience that has influenced not only how she sees the world but how she functions in it. Finally, she shares how her intuition has been keenly developed through this process and why she believes all of us possess the ability to be divinely guided.

If you’re ready to be inspired, and maybe even transformed yourself, click play and listen in on Lisa’s amazing story.

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