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Imagine Yourself Waiting Well (Patience 101)

woman sitting on bench waiting

Waiting is an inevitable part of life. Staying a peace while you wait is another matter entirely, especially in a culture that does everything it can to give you instant gratification.

There’s an amazing clip from The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Ellen brings a teenager from the audience onstage to do three simple tasks: properly fold a paper map, find a specific company in an old fashioned telephone book, and use a rotary dial telephone to make a phone call. Well, due to a huge technological generation gap and serious TV show time constraints, after several minutes, these tasks proved to be too much for the teenager, and she was unable to complete any of them!

After watching this clip, it became evident that the advancements over the past few decades have given us the ability to get information, products, and connections instantaneously, with the click of a button. Nobody seems to have to wait for anything anymore!

But, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll remember that there are still some important things in life that take time to arrive, and you recognize that they are worth waiting for. Let’s take a look back in time….

Past, Present, Future.

Who you were. Who you are. Who you want to be.

What you had. What you have. What you want to have.

The way things were. The way things are. The way things will be.

In every single scenario, getting to the end involves waiting. And, there’s a big difference between happily anticipating a better situation for our lives and begrudgingly, impatiently moving along in life. So, how do you plan to move forward?

Are you going to live your life waiting with frustration or waiting well?

If you’re ready to practice exercising your patience muscle, listen in to see how to flex it by waiting well!

Episode #38

Imagine Yourself Waiting Well (Patience 101)

We all know the sayings “patience is a virtue” and “good things come to those who wait,” but how do we live that out? This episode will only take a few minutes of your time, but you will get a quick lesson on how to learn to exercise and even embrace patience as an ally instead of an enemy. The secret: timing is everything. That’s why we’re patiently waiting for you to click “Play” and join us for Patience 101.

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