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Imagine Yourself Harnessing the Power of Your Thoughts w/Dr. Jennifer Gobel

woman thinking on the beach

Let’s do a little relaxation exercise.

Breathe in deeply. Exhale. Relax.

Gently let your mind drift.

Where do your thoughts carry you? To positive places or negative places?

What if we could intentionally guide these thoughts to the most elevating, motivating, beneficial direction possible? Let’s allow those types of thoughts to be the ones that carry us onward and upward to more fulfilling, gratifying, purposeful, healthy lives.

Many times, we say that we want healthier bodies, loving relationships, better jobs, financial security, and purpose-filled, active, happy lives. It’s hard to achieve that if our minds stay focused on doom and gloom, competing with others, negativity, and all the things that we lack, that we don’t have.

Dr. Jennifer Goble, Author and Psychotherapist
Dr. Jennifer Goble

Our entire episode is built around incorporating positive people, activities, and THOUGHTS into your mental arsenal. We have Dr. Jennifer Goble, retired mental health counselor and author of My Clients, My Teachers: The Noble Process of Psychotherapy as our guest, and she teaches us to shift our thoughts to directions that will serve us best. Dr. Goble realized, after decades of counseling clients, that a mentally healthy life requires the ability to control our thoughts.

We cannot control the weather. We cannot control other people. In fact, there are many circumstances that we absolutely cannot control, but once we realize that we can control how we think about things, people, ourselves, and outside circumstances, then we can make real change for the better. Once we can harness our thoughts, we can harness our feelings and our behavior, which tends to make those outside circumstances change for the better too!

In the words of The Little Engine That Could….I Think I Can!!

We encourage you to think about it and then go ahead and just listen in to this episode where Dr. Jennifer Goble shows us the power of our thoughts!

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Quote: We have control over our thoughts
"Dr. J" reminds us we're in control of our thoughts!



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