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Clearing the Clutter in Your Mind

Basements, garages, and closets can all become havens for clutter. But so can your mind! Influenced by the steady stream of input which can at times be unhelpful at best and toxic at worst, our brains can feel full of cobwebs. In our last episode, Easy Ways to Stay Organized, we talked with Clutter-free living expert, Deanna Yates. Our focus was on habits, routines, and processes to help organize and maintain our living space. In this bonus mini-episode, we use some of those principles and a few lessons of our own to try to clear the mental clutter.

Feelings of negativity, confusion and overwhelm can sometimes be caused or exacerbated by things like what we watch, who we follow on social media, the people around us and even our own self-talk. We discovered that just as we may need to change schedules and routines in different seasons of life, what we expose ourselves to may need to change too. We invite you into the conversation: click play to see if clearing the clutter in your mind may be what you need.






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